Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Battle Report - Balin's Tomb

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday Wargaming Battle Report! Once more playing the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game, this time thou it's a Lord of the Rings Scenario, well mostly. We are doing Balin's Tomb with the Goblins attacking the Fellowship of the Ring, but we have Hobbit style Goblins, and the Goblin King instead of a Cave Troll as that is what we have painted. Also I kind of feel like it would be more of a challenge for the heroes.

To win this scenario the Fellowship has to bring down the King, for the Goblins to win they have to kill any for heroes, so the Hobbits realistically hah.

We hear drums, drums in the deepThey are ...
Here is the initial set up, fighty heroes by Balin's Tomb, Gandalf and the Hobbits by the well. Goblin coming in from the door, and the trap doors. The King come on a tied priority roll or if all the Goblins die.

Turn 1 the Fellowship spreads out a bit, Gandalf pastes a Goblin with a sorcerous blast, and Legolas misses three shots. Gimili wanted to show him how to shoot however and killed a goblin with a throwing axe.

Next turn more Goblins arrive and they surge forward, mostly trying to surround Legolas. But some fight all the big heroes. The Heroes have to use some might in general but kill a bunch of Goblins.

Next turn things shift around a bit, Gimli and Boromir are in the front taking the brunt of the Goblins, but some are still pressing in. I think this turn Gimli was surrounded and had to use up all his might to avoid loosing a fight to 4 Goblins, couldn't let Legolas see that!

Next turnt he Fellowship starts trying to pull back to limit how many Goblins can get in the fight, and try and let Legolas get some shots in. but Boromi is still having to fight allot of guys. The Fellowhip is hanging on but using up a fair bit of might and fate sometimes.

Next turn with a good having the priority the heroes regroup. The Goblins all hide from the elves arrows. Still a few fights on the side with Aragorn and Pippin vs some Goblins.

Aragorn and a couple of the Hobbits, Merry and Pippin. They are both doing pretty well but have each used their fate to stay alive!

The Goblin numbers are dwindling so the Fellowship is feeling pretty safe.

So we decided to just make the King arrive. He came on during the mop up of the Goblins and Boromir ended up having to fight the big guy alone!

He pushes him back first turn, but the Goblins get Merry!

Then the King puts down Boromir! Things are falling apart. Gandalf tried to immobilize the king to support the Boromir but he resisted.

The rest of the fellowship closes in for the killing, hoping to use numbers to get the hits in.

The king is loosing fights and getting pushed back, but his thick blubber is preventing him form taking any wounds.

Trapped in the corner, even Sam get in there to whack him in the knee with his frying pan! Which is pretty dangerous really as the King can easily kill him if he wins.

But it was not to be as the Fellowship eventually bring him down. Aragon did most of the wounds, but I think it was Gandalf who got the killing blow, with his sword cutting through the blubber.

FYI Gimli crushed Legolas in the numbers came the poor elf hardly killed anyone. I guess the drums put off his aim. In the end this was a pretty fun scenario, a but tough for the Goblins as usual I guess, but they got pretty close, killing both Merry and Boromir! Those are big losses so early in the rings quest.

Hope you al enjoyed it. Probably will try out another Goblin town game next week, but we shall have to wait and see what seems most fun!


Monday, 13 November 2017

Painting - Fellowship of the Ring

Hello All,

Time for another panting update! Been a few weeks so got allot of stuff done, plus made good use of the long weekend to push out the Fellowship of the Ring! So as usual here are a few pictures of what I have been doing lately.

Uruk-Hai Crossbows:

Bunch of Uruk-Hai ready to shoot some dwarfs, or whoever I guess hah. Still lots more Uruk-Hai to do but I ran out of the plain bases, so had to switch gears a bit. But it was kind of time anyway I guess.

Riders of Rohan, Westfold Red Shields:

A few Riders, these are really great models, but take a bit of time to paint. Have a few more partially done, plus Erkenbrand in progress. But decided I needed to paint the rest of the Fellowship for some reason.

Big Heroes:

Heres the 4 punchy guys from the Fellowship. I really felt like these models were not that great, especially Boromir and Aragorn, but once there painted they are actually pretty cool I think. Some better version exist thou I guess.



All the little guys, these are pretty cool as well. I really like Sam and his frying pan!

Full Fellowship:


To finish things off, all the terrain that comes in the Fellow Ship of the Ring starter set, plus a few extra pillars from the wiz kids packs. I figured a few more pillars wouldn't hurt anyone.

I guess the thing now is to either do Balin's Tomb, or else the Fellowship can have a run through Goblin town for fun.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 385
Painted: 390 
Total: 5


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Battle Report - Flight for Freedom

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday Wargaming Battle Report! Once more we are playing a Hobbit Scenario, this time it is the 'Flight for Freedom' scenario. The Dwarves have all been captured by the Goblins of Moria, so they have to fight off the Goblins regain their weapons, and escape all in 10 turns!

I set up my Goblin Town the best I could, used a black mat to represent the drop and some rocks and Goblin Town Sets, one of them from Serge. We had most of 3 sets, you really need allot to pull this off, I think 4 or maybe 5 would have been better. But there is a limit to how many wood platforms one wants to paint!

I didn't want to have to learn all the names and special powers for all the dwarfs so insisted on playing the Goblins! All the models are provided by Serge.

The Dwarfs start of on a big platform by the King surrounded. The weapons are in a pile to the left of the King behind the 6 Goblins, and they most escape off the edge to the bottom of the table.

Ready for battle, the King is not so happy it seems.

Wasting no time the Dwarves surge forward, trying to kill the Goblins and get some weapons! I tried to pick off the weaker Dwarves, this was my strategy for the game, but it was only partially successful. The King was not allowed to move first turn, so he hurled a Goblin at Gloin, hitting and passing like 3 in the way rolls and beaned him right in his smug face, knocking him down and forcing him to use a Fate! Hah take that.

Next turn the scrum continues and the King gets in on the action, really hoping to win and toss Dwalin over the side, I hate that pesky guy!

The Dwarves spread out and start to get weapons, as Gandalf fights in from the side. They are doing allot of killing, but not so much on the escaping side! Could be a problem later...

Thorin and Dwalin team up to slay the King, sad times. I used a fate to avoid a hit from Orcrist, but then Dwalin finished the job. Full disclosure I forgot about the Kings 'Blubbery Mass' special rule which probably would have kept him alive another turn, but these things happen in the heat of battle.

So the King is down but the Dwarves are still hard pressed, they are killing lots of Goblins, but I am rolling well for re-enforcements and they just come back. Also Gandalf is not having an awesome time almost taking a wound from a Goblin!

The Dwarves get a chance to make a dash after winning priority. Some one called a March move so they all could run extra far. Which left the few Goblins to pick their targets of course. But the game is more then half over now, as the Dwarves only get 10 turns so time is really against them.

The Dwarves continue to win fights and are really pushing to make progress, but there is always more Goblins, and the Fate and Might reserves are getting strung out.

The great struggle for the top platform. Dwaling thought he had Grinnah corned but, but found another Goblin under his hammer!

Dwarves struggling for the Exit ramps, some of them and Gandalf making Heroic last stands. Things really coming down to the Wire as there are only a few turns left. Some key heroic fights that let them kill and move again and marches are the only way.

Bifur makes it up top to clear the way, more Goblin rushing to protect the scribe and stop him.

Thorin joins in which is sure to be a big help. But then Oin goes down, slashed to pieces by a Goblin. Gandalf used a scorceous blast to knock the Scribe off the platofrm into the inky blackness allowing Thorin and Bifur to slip away.

Down below Dwalin, Bombur, Nori, and I think Filli are pretty well off, so we decide that they count as escaping, the few platforms we had makes things allot harder for the Dwarves, so fair is fair. That means 7 Dwarves escaped in time! Not bad at all but they needed 8 for a tie, so it is a rare loss for Thorin and Co.

This was a much more interesting and fun scenario I thought. It is really tough for the Goblins as the Dwarves don't go down easy at all! But can be frustrating for the Dwarves as well due to the time pressure and endless Goblins. They killed 50 or 60 of them and all 3 of the characters!

There will be another scenario next week for sure, maybe switching to a Lord of the Rings one, but depends on how much painting I can get down. Would like to do something with the Fellowship thou!

Let me know what you thought.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Fall-In 2017 - Other Games

Hello Folks,

Well as usual I played in more then tournaments, so this post is going to be some of the other games I played and some random shots of other games I found interesting. For whatever reason I guess I had more going on this year so this side of things is going to be allot smaller I guess. But oh Well.

Brazen Chariots:

As has become kind of a tradition we played in another Brazen Chariots game Friday morning. Kind of nice to play a WW2 tank game that is so different. Also it is kind of a nice easy game to play to start things off, at least I think so. Chris seemed allot less enthusiastic this time.

This year it is the not quite so early war desert. I ended up on the British side with some M3-Lee's to command and our orders are to rescue some people and stop the Germans from advancing off our board edge. The best way to accomplish this is of course murder.

Pitiful German Panzers. There are a bit more of them, but our tanks have better armor, a better gun, and an extra gun. So let them come.

We start taking some real long range shots, not much chance to get a hit yet, but good time to learn how the rules work!  Mine are the ones not shooting of course.

The Germans are pressing forward, but we are learning how we have a bit better range, and how hard it is for the Germans to penetrate our armor at range, so we become less interested in advancing forward.

Hard to see but we have scored the first kill, a blazing fireball way down in the back. All our tanks are firing off shots now hah.

A bit later on, things are getting into close range now, the German have even killed a couple of our guys. But they are down even more and it is looking bleak for them.

The platoon pressing forward is mostly reduced to embers and time was up, so the game was called a decisive British victory. I thought the Germans did pretty good thou in getting a few tanks past the center line.

The middle of Friday was shopping and eating. Played in a big 30 player game after Supper, but it was not that great and I didn't get any pictures. But it was a thing that happened...

Anyway here is a few shots of a couple of random games.

Neat Tower and Town

By Fire and Sword, Seige of some Hungarian castle I think

Neat Banners
Well that is sadly all I had, will try and do better about getting pictures of random cool games at COld Wars in a few months!