Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Painting Update - Sisters of Battle Epic

Hello Folks,

Time for another small painting update. I decided to take a doffered army to the Epic Tournament at Cold Wars this year. So I have been expanding on the sisters of battle stuff that I painted last year for cangames.


A few more tanks from Onslaught miniatures.  This brings me up to 15 of these tanks, so I can field 3 units.  Not sure why but for whatever reason I decided to have more of a tank based force this time. Will see how it goes.


Last year I found my planes did quite well, also they have some cool model,  so I decided to double down. Onslaught don't make any for their Sisters line so I git these from the battle tech miniatures. Actually they do great space planes. Think they turned out pretty cool. These are standing in for lightning strike fighters for those into 40k.


One of the issues I gave with the Sisters army is that they don't have any artillery, I gave found that to be very useful in Epic. So I have also added 2 units of bombers! Same idea I figure. These are also battle tech miniatures this time standing in fir thunderbolt bombers. I thought they looked suitably bomberish, kind of like space stealth bombers?

So I think you can agree that is a pretty significant air force, hopefully people don't take many anti-air assets!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 62 (bunch of dark age irish plus the above)
Painted: 77
Total: 15

Numbers looking good so far, but bound to get some new projects at Cold Wars this weekend, so this positive balance may take a hit!


Thursday, 8 March 2018

Battle Report - New Saga - Normans vs Anglo-Danes

Hello Folks;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report. Once again we are playing Saga, I decided to try out some Anglo-Danes this time, and Serge has some Normans he has been building up. Mainly foot troops and mo ranged weapons however which doesn't gel that well with the Norman board.

Here is the set up. I somehow forgot that it is meant to be played 3 for across so we are a bit separated but added another turn to compensate.  Thus time we did the deployment where units can't star within 6" of each other. We also rolled for a special effect and got one where everyone gets 1 extra saga dice.

Turn 1 just has us advancing. I had a dounless sized unit of hearthguard with heavy weapons, for some reason I decided to send them on a huge flanking move way around a rock. This is either brilliant or insane?

Even more advancing. The Normans are from the pythoragian school of war so they made a very neat line.

Still a bit far for slow walking people to charge. So I moved up a bait unit of warriors and set up defensive abilities. My guys around the rock continue their journey.

The Norman knights accepted my dance invitation. Things went decent and after 2 charges I still had half my guys, so no dice lost.

I charged the fatigued and exposed knights and killed all 4 losing only 1 of my guys. My rock continue their trip, but the Norman line is drifting the other way for some reason??

Being the last mounted guy it was time for Mr. Norman Warlord to get into things. He charges my hearth guard and killed 2. At this point I made it my goal in life to chop his face. The first turn of this he annoying fly lived.

The Normans attacked some other units but with no huge success. This turn I attacked the Warlord again but didn't hold back. So he was rightly chopped by my Warlords heavy weapon. I expected to also due but some how survived. Fatigue us really key when warlords fight.

More pusing and shoving occurs. Some warrior units fighting each other. The Normans are finding it hard to attack from strong units without any knights. My big unit is closing in thou and the jaws music starts playing.

After a bit more murder the game was winding down. I only had 3 duce for the last turn and that is including the bonus. I decided my big unit needed to fight so they charged first 1 full unit of warriors, then another! The first one went pretty well, but they were exhausted for the second so that was a bit of a wash. Should have just done 1 good charge. The Danes get an ability that stops enemies from closing ranks which could have been key.

On the end it was 20 murder points to 17 for the Anglo-Danes, just enough to avoid a draw and claim victory!

I am really liking the new Saga more and more. Was fun trying out new things, makes me realize how important having a variety of armies is.

Also my older Saga armies are feeling their age. May be time to re-base and refresh them. But to many other projects on tge go at the moment.


Monday, 5 March 2018

Battle Report - New Saga

Hello All,

Had our club day on Sunday and got to try out the newly released version of Saga! Took a bit of strong arming to get someone to play but no matter.

Overall result is that all the changes seem positive and it makes for a better game. I think it will fix some of the strange problems in the Arthur book but we will see about that.

Anyway the only scenario so far in the new books is Clash of Warlords, so we took that. I decided to try out the new byzantine as most if my armies are in bad shape or not magnatized.  I would be fighting the new Vikings.

Game 1:

There is a roll at the start for type of deployment we got along a diaognal (aka Pizza Deployment). Point of the scenario is murder so who ever does the most points of murder wins. As you can see we are set up, the vikings were the first player and took the hill.

The vikings set up some abilities to attack but disn't move much. I advanced with my bows and used the indirect fire ability to shoot up the berserkers. Was hoping for 1 or 2 kills but got 3! Units outside of 12" get a free mI've now so I adjusted my other stuff.

The vikings didn't like being shot so pulled back to the hill.

I moved far out with some mounted hearth guards, but killed a disappointing amount of levy and was left exhausted.

The vikings of course crushed this unit. Hmm...

Never one to learn from mistakes I charged in with the next mounted unit killing some warriors, this was a bit better. My other guys keep using manuvers to give chase.

Repeating history the vikings crushed this unit also. But they had a bit harder go of it.

Not really many opportunities for crazy charges left. So I took to shooting. My archers killed a couple of guys, but a viking ability made them exhausted.

Feeling under pressure the vikings came down off their hill with their hearth guards to fight some warriors. This went ok is for them but basically break even on points. On my turn I charged in to the bows with ny warlord to scrape up another point or 2.

So that was that. I was slightly ahead on murder, but not quite by enough to claim a win. But I learned that the new closing ranks option works great with bonus defense dice. But still need to keep your army together.

Game 2:

On to game 2, this time I was the first player and we got hot dog deployment (long edges). Terrain was left in place due to lazy Ness.

I moved up my bows and shot a warror,  shifting some units to get ready for the counter strike. We started closer thus time so there were less manuvers after the first bit.

The attack came as expected. On the left they knocked out 7 bow warriors but lost w hearthguard.  On the right it was much worse trading 2 guard for a single warrior.

My goal was now clearly to finish off those half units to take away their saga dice. This was a complied,  but I lost half a unit of warriors. Not bad.

Viking warriors come for revenge!

Did some more damage to my warriors leaving just 2 for no loss. I countered with my last mounted unit. Ended up trading units.

The vikings made another charge targeting my last mounted unit, but I used another ability to force them to charge my archer. But this left the mounted troops exhausted, may not have been worth it.

Ran out of pictures but a bit more murder happened. Those vikings killed most of my mounted guys, but took some losses. On their last turn the viking warlord charged but was forced to fight my unit of just 2 warriors.

At the end we both had 18 points of kills. In the pictures it seems like the vikings have allot less left, but their warlord for this game was a special character so worth a point on his own. The meant we had another draw.

Final analysis is that I am a fan of the new rules and look forward to more games. Really looking forward to the book if battles and crusades book as well. Here's hoping we don't have to wait to long!


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Battle Report - Hobbit SBG The Artefact

Hello Folks;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! Back again after a bit of a break due to some conflicts.

We decided to play another Hobbit game, this time Serge is trying out Radagast on his rabbit sleigh with some elf and a couple of Eagles.  I took spooky ghosts and orcs. A ringwraith,  barrow eight,  3 castellans of dol guldur and a bunch of lowly orcs.

Here is the set up, I am on the left and good on the right. The artefact is by the big Rock in the middle.

Closer shot of Radagast and the rabbit mobile!

First turn everyone really just moves up heading towards the loot. The Eagles soar behind the big out crop.

Next turn thing became interesting. The Eagles hopped the rock and one passed his roll to get the loot. This made me very worried as if you give them space they can fly off the board pretty easily. I headed on but tried to start spreading out. Also really tried to get some spells on the Eagles.  A good black dart or paralyze could swing things back.

A castellans and 4 of the bravest orcs (all passed there terror test) managed to jump an eagle. The castellans got a wound with a mogul blade so he just died! Wasn't the loot eagle thou.

So the eagle almost escaped but this turn things went better for me. I got the priority so I could pin him down, also the wight managed to paralyze him! So he is stuck thete and loses fights until he can roll a 6!

Continue to spread out and keep fighting the eagle. My other group of orcs has engaged some elf spearman by the rock and are somehow winning. Radagast has come over to try and wake the eagle, but they are having no luck.

My castellans managed to get the eagle, at first we thought the mogul blade had him, but it turned out to be 1 use only. Now the focus is on taking out Radagast and grabbing the goods.

The fighting continued, the elf force was broken and now is just about to rout. But annoyingly Radagast was able to get the artefact and won't die! On the last turn my wraith got him with comple and forced him to come out. In the end I git points for breaking the enemy and not being broken. It came down to Radagast if he was on my side Serge would win by 1 point, if he is on his side I would win by 1. We measured and he exactly in the middle so a die roll settled it and evil won.

The Eagles and elves got beaten up pretty good, but they did an amazing job of keeping the artefact in play, so we pretty much ended up with a tie.


Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Painting Update - Seige Equipment + Other

Hello All;

Decided to do another painting post. Been working on a few things. Getting ready for cangames, but also started adding to my Epic Sisters of Battle army so I can try that at Cold Wars.

Seige Assault Ballasta:

First up some big equipment to help with taking down pesky walls. Not sure how much I like this thing. Was not to hard to put together and paint and it looks good from some angles, but it cam out a but lopsided. Hard to keep everything strait,  I did it in parts for painting and assembled in blocks at the end. Also the cart with the wheels feels off some how.


Next up I did a set of Ninjas just for fun. Also painted them in multiple colors kind of have a power Rangers thing going on. K8nd if a mixed bag with these, I like the read and black ones and the yellow n8nha star gut is ok, but the others are kind of not great.


Finally a unit of Immolators,  flame tanks. The tournament at Cold Wars is 3000 points, I don't have near that so need to make some additions. Waiting for some new stuff to come in the mail hopefully it makes it in time.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 16 (more shadespire guys)
Painted: 67
Total: 51


Monday, 19 February 2018

Painting Update

Hello All;

Time for another post with a few pictures of the stuff I have been working on. Still mainly Lord of the Rings stuff. But we have just had a By Fire and Sword club day, and there was an Infinity tournament last weekend. So I used those events as an excuse to work on some other stuff as well.

First up a finished the Heroes of Helms Deep set I got from Duncan. Really like the models overall, great versions of the characters, not crazy about Aragorn thou.

Haldir & Banner:

Think I posted Haldor before but he has a pal now. Some fancy elves, they take fashion seriously hah.

Three Hunters:

Next there are the three hunters, Gimli, Aragorn, and Legolas. I think Gimli is my favorite of the three. But all are better then the plastic version.

Theodin's Household:

The human characters are in as well of course. Eowyn, Theoden, and I think the last guy is called Hamma, the kings bodyguard anyway.

Group Shot:

As you can see a great set!

Sweedish Dragoons:

On the Fire and Sword front I finished off the mounted part of a blister of dragoons. They have been half done on my coffee table (desk overflow) for awhile!

Holy Roman Artillery:

Also a couple of cannons for my infantry force.

Forage Markers:

Finally for this game a set of markers for use in the forage scenario. Big piles of loot basically.

Fat Yuan Yuan:

On to some Infinity stuff. They made this as a joke model,  but our tournament involved mercenaries so I decided to paint him up.


Lastly for today is another mercenary guy this time on a motorcycle with a big sword, what's not to love. He did well in the tournament slicing up like 4 guys. But was a laugh to play as well.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 16 (more shadespire guys)
Painted: 57
Total: 41